Business Ethics Through Movies

Business Ethics Through Movies

A Case Study Approach
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von: Wanda Teays

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<p><i>Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach</i> examines a wide range of ethical dilemmas, principles and moral reasoning that arise in contemporary business through a series of popular films and real-world case studies.<br /> <br /> </p> <ul> <li>Engages readers in learning about ethical theory by using movies and both national and international case studies in business as the vehicle for analysis and reflection</li> <li>Facilitates comprehension of ethical issues by showing how characters in films confront issues, make choices, and face the consequences</li> <li>Draws from a variety of actual cases in Business Ethics – from the 1982 Tylenol poisoning and the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster to recent examples such as the Foster Farms salmonella outbreak and the chemical spill in West Virginia</li> <li>Reveals the important role that ethics plays in setting the moral foundation of a business or corporation</li> <li>Develops critical thinking skills through applying analytical checklists to ethical dilemmas raised in films and in actual cases in Business Ethics</li> </ul>
<p>Introduction to the Text i</p> <p>Acknowledgements ix</p> <p><b>UNIT 1</b></p> <p><b>Moral Navigation: Business Ethics & Society 1</b></p> <p>1.1 Tools for the Journey 2</p> <p>Spotlight: A Hijacking</p> <p>Ethics Codes: Apple; Google</p> <p>1.2 The Moral Compass: Integrity in Business 18</p> <p>Spotlight: Up in the Air; Michael Clayton</p> <p>Case: The Tylenol Case</p> <p>Ethics Code: Johnson & Johnson</p> <p>1.3 Show Me the Money: Greed is Not Good 38</p> <p>Spotlight: Wall Street; Big Men</p> <p>Cases: Martha Stewart’s Insider Trading; Costco’s Tainted Berries</p> <p>Ethics Code: Costco</p> <p>1.4 Talk to Me: The Impact of Technology 57</p> <p>Spotlight: Her; The Net; Disconnect</p> <p>Cases: Edward Snowden and the NSA; Target’s Data Breach; Target’s Online Tracking</p> <p>Ethics Code: Yahoo!</p> <p><b>UNIT 2</b></p> <p><b>Moral Leadership: Ethical Theory 76</b></p> <p>2.1 Aerial Surveillance: Ethical Theory 77</p> <p>Spotlight: The Insider</p> <p>2.2 The Ends Justify the Means: Teleological Ethics 96</p> <p>Spotlight: Contagion; Park Avenue: Money, Power,  and the American Dream; Blue Jasmine</p> <p>Case: The Ford Pinto</p> <p>Ethics Code: Ford Motor Company</p> <p>2.3 Duties Rule: Deontological Ethics 117</p> <p>Spotlight: Shattered Glass; Arbitrage; Quiz Show; Food Inc.</p> <p>Cases: Beech-Nut’s Apple Juice; Minute Maid Lemonade; Foster Farms’ Chickens</p> <p>Ethics Codes: National Public Radio (NPR); Dole Food Company, Inc.</p> <p>2.4 Moral Character: Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics 136</p> <p>Spotlight: Erin Brockovich; Roger & Me; Salmon Fishing in the Yemen</p> <p>Cases: Kellogg’s and Michael Phelps; The European Horsemeat Scandal</p> <p>Ethics Code: GM’s Corporate Citizenship; Kellogg’s “K Values”</p> <p>2.5 The Caring Community: Feminist Ethics 156</p> <p>Spotlight: The Company Men; Erin Brockovich;</p> <p>Under the Clear Blue Sky</p> <p>Case: Film Recovery Systems, Inc.</p> <p>Ethics Code: Microsoft</p> <p><b>UNIT 3</b></p> <p><b>Moral Reflection: Thorny Questions 177</b></p> <p>3.1 Finding the Balance: Addressing Environmental Disasters 178</p> <p>Spotlight: Civil Action; Local Hero</p> <p>Cases: WR Grace Co.; West Virginia Chemical Spill; Exxon Valdez</p> <p>Ethics Code: Exxon Mobil Corporation</p> <p>3.2 Going Postal: Addressing Workplace Violence 194</p> <p>Spotlight: John Q; Polytechnique;</p> <p>Murder by Proxy: America Goes Postal</p> <p>Cases: Gunman at LAX; The Montreal Massacre;</p> <p>Virginia Tech Rampage</p> <p>Ethics Code: Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)</p> <p>3.3 Stand By Me: Addressing Workplace Inequities 213</p> <p>Spotlight: Made in Dagenham; Matewan</p> <p>Cases: UAW and H&M on Pay Equity; The Fast Food Workers Strike; H&M and Child Labor; Marriage Equality</p> <p>Ethics Code: H&M</p> <p>3.4 Enough Already: Addressing Workplace Harassment 230</p> <p>Spotlight: North Country; The Invisible War; Disconnect</p> <p>Cases: Eveleth Mines; Bullies in the NFL</p> <p>Ethics Code:</p> <p>3.5 Working for Change: Global Justice & Human Rights 245</p> <p>Spotlight: Sleep Dealer, Darwin’s Nightmare, Fires of Kuwait</p> <p>Cases: Bangladesh’s Sweatshop Collapse, Coca-Cola in Colombia, Pfizer in Nigeria, Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Campaign</p> <p>Ethics Code: Dunkin’ Donuts</p> <p>3.6 Transformation: The Art of Personal Power 263</p> <p>Spotlight: Groundhog Day; Invictus</p> <p>Cases: Kudumbashri’s Work Skills Program</p> <p>Ethics Code: The Coca-Cola Company</p> <p>APPENDIX</p> <p>4.1 Movies in this Book 277</p> <p>4.2 Cases in this Book 278</p> <p>4.3 Ethics Codes Cited in this Book 279</p> <p>Index</p>
<p><b>Wanda Teays</b> is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, where she is also Chair of the Philosophy Department. She is the author or editor of numerous books and articles on ethics, global justice, and critical reasoning, including <i>Seeing the Light: Exploring Ethics Through Movies; Global Bioethics and Human Rights: Contemporary Issues; Bioethics, Justice and Health Care; and Second Thoughts: Critical Thinking for a Diverse Society</i>.</p>
<table style="width: 100%;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="left" width="4%"> </td> <td> <table style="width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr> <td><a id="TIS_DEFINITION_OF_TOPIC" name="TIS_DEFINITION_OF_TOPIC"></a> <p>Movies can be a powerful teaching tool in Business Ethics. The actions of characters in films compellingly portray the ethical quandaries and moral decision-making that play out in the modern workplace. But what can <i>Salmon Fishing in Yemen</i> tell us about the recent European horsemeat scandal? Or <i>Groundhog Day</i> teach us about a Dunkin’ Donuts ad campaign? <i>Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach</i> examines a wide range of ethical dilemmas, principles and moral reasoning that arise in contemporary business through a series of popular films and real-world case studies.<br /> <br /> Whether through the actions of a whistleblower like Jeffrey Wigand from <i>The Insider</i> or the morally suspect behavior of <i>Wall Street</i>’s Gordon Gekko, chapters reveal surprising parallels between movies and actual cases in business ethics—ethical issues relating to corporate decision-making, the workplace, employer/employee conflicts, customer concerns, product safety controversies, the role of technology, the environment, human rights, justice, and more.<br /> <br /> The first unit looks at integrity, greed, and the impact of technology, followed by the second unit’s coverage of the major ethical theories. The concluding unit three addresses pressing problems that put our moral reasoning skills to the test—such as pay inequities, workplace violence, harassment and bullying, and environmental disasters. Innovative and thought-provoking, <i>Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach</i> offers a wealth of illuminating insights into key issues surrounding the field of Business Ethics</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table>