Emotion Regulation and Well-Being

Emotion Regulation and Well-Being

von: Ivan Nyklícek, Ad Vingerhoets, Marcel Zeelenberg

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Emotion is a basic phenomenon of human functioning, most of the time having an adaptive value enhancing our effectiveness in pursuing our goals in the broadest sense. Regulation of these emotions, however, is essential for adaptive functioning, and suboptimal or dysfunctional emotion regulation may even be counterproductive and result in adverse consequences, including a poor well-being and ill health.

This volume provides a state-of-the art overview of issues related to the association between emotion regulation and both mental and physical well-being. It covers various areas of research highly relevant to both researchers in the field and clinicians working with emotion regulation issues in their practice. Included topics are arranged along four major areas:

• (Neuro-)biological processes involved in the generation and regulation of emotions
• Psychological processes and mechanisms related to the link between emotion regulation and psychological well-being as well as physical health
• Social perspective on emotion regulation pertaining to well-being and social functioning across the life span
• Clinical aspects of emotion regulation and specific mental and physical health problems

This broad scope offers the possibility to include research findings and thought-provoking views of leading experts from different fields of research, such as cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology, psychophysiology, social psychology, and psychiatry on specific topics such as nonconscious emotion regulation, emotional body language, self-control, rumination, mindfulness, social sharing, positive emotions, intergroup emotions, and attachment in their relation to well-being and health. Chapters are based on the “Fourth International Conference on the (Non) Expression of Emotions in Health and Disease” held at Tilburg University in October 2007. In 2007 Springer published “Emotion Regulation: Conceptual and Clinical Issues” based on the Third International Conference on the (Non) Expression of Emotion in Health and Disease,” held at Tilburg University in October 2003. It is anticipated that, depending on sales, we may continue to publish the advances deriving from this conference.
This survey of the latest research into how the processes that regulate our emotions relate to our physical and mental health covers topics of interest to researchers and clinicians alike, including neurobiological, psychological, social and clinical aspects.
Section 1. Biological Processes.- 1. The brain, emotional awareness and implicit emotion regulation.- 2. Non-conscious emotion regulation.- 3. Self-regulating brain and health.- 4. Body language and emotions.- 5. Emotions in animals.- Section 2. Psychological Processes.- 6. Mindfulness, emotion regulation, health.- 7. Implicit emotion theory and well-being.- 8. Self-Control.- 9. Emotion regulation as form of self-regulation.- 10. Rumination, emotion regulation, and health.- 11. Language, emotion, and well-being.- Section 3. Social Perspective.- 12. Self-conscious emotions and social functioning.- 13. Social sharing and wellbeing.- 14. Intergroup emotions.- 15. Aging, emotions and well-being.- 16. Attachment and emotion regulation.- Section 4. Clinical Perspective.- 17. Emotional vitality and health.- 18. Positive emotions, resiliency.- 19. Mentalization, emotion regulation and somatoform disorders.- 20. Type D, attachment, emotion regulation, and health.- 21. Emotions and somatic well-being.
Ivan Nyklicek is assistant professor of medical psychology. Ad Vingerhoets is professor of clinical health psychology. Marcel Zeelenberg is professor of social and economic psychology. Johan Denollet is professor of medical psychology. All four editors are in the Department of Psychology at Tilburg University, The Netherlands.
Emotion Regulation and Well-Being

Ivan Nyklicek, Ad Vinderhoets, and Marcel Zellenberg, editors

Intimately involved in our behavior, cognitions, and interpersonal communications, emotions are basic building blocks of our existence. And it is increasingly understood that their regulation, whether adaptive or dysfunctional, is also intricately linked to the gamut of somatic and mental health issues. Emotion Regulation and Well-Being gathers experts from various branches of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience to review emerging and ongoing areas of interest for a lifespan approach to this complex topic. Its cutting-edge coverage is balanced between theoretical constructs and clinical concerns, to be as helpful to the reader interested in a deeper understanding of emotion expression in depression or new issues in repressive coping as to the one looking to add emotion regulation strategies to his or her clinical toolbox. Included among the book’s features:

• A biobehavioral perspective on coping styles and aggression.
• Critical discussion of emotional intelligence in relation to children’s health.
• A personality-based classification model for alexithymia.
• An attachment approach to crying in psychotherapy.
• New findings on emotion inhibition in eating disorders.
• A case study of in-patient treatment for trauma-related emotion regulation dysfunction.
• Somatic insights into writing interventions.

Emotion Regulation and Well-Being is a state-of-the-art reference for health and clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists. It is also comprehensive enough to be a useful postgraduate text in health psychology, psychosomatics, clinical psychology, and social psychology.
Covers biologocial, psychological, social and clinical aspects of emotion
Comprehensive enough to be a useful postgraduate text in health psychology and psychosomatics, clinical psychology, and social psychology
With contributions by an international collection of experts

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