Emotional Expression and Health

Emotional Expression and Health

von: Ad Vingerhoets

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Veröffentl.: 01.04.2004
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Emotional Expression and Health looks at the role emotional expression and inhibition may play in staying healthy or falling ill. Written by leading experts in the field, chapters focus on: * how we can measure emotional expression or inhibition and how we can distinguish between their various facets * the role of attachment, and development of emotional information processing* alexithymia, emotional suppression, deception, emotional disclosure, defensiveness, repression, psychological mindedness, and emotional intelligence and self-efficacy. This unique approach will be of interest to all those in the fields of health and medical psychology and psychiatry, and behavioural medicine, as well as professionals working with patients in whom emotional expression or inhibition may play a role in a disease's etiology, course, or prognosis.

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