Generation Z and their perception towards the working environment

Generation Z and their perception towards the working environment

Analyzed in times of Covid-19
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Intermediate Diploma Thesis from the year 2021 in the subject Leadership and Human Resource Management - Generation Y, Generation Z, grade: 1,7, , language: English, abstract: What are best practices for companies to approach Generation Z? The Generation Z is going to dictate the job market in the future. However, research on it is still occasional, especially in times of Covid-19. Consequently, best practices are lacking on how to approach the cohort. This work-project addresses the research gap by carrying out a cross-sectional study with the help of a questionnaire.

The research revealed that Gen Z’ers are characterized by being digital-natives, who have diverse perceptions of the working environment. They are affected by events like Covid-19 which impaired their mental health, among other things. Based on these insights, practices to approach the cohort were designed.