Global Bioethics and Human Rights

Global Bioethics and Human Rights

Contemporary Perspectives
2. Second Edition

von: Wanda Teays, Alison Dundes Renteln

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<span>The ethical issues we face in health care, justice, and human rights extend beyond national boundaries—they are global and cross-cultural in scope. Editors Wanda Teays and Alison Dundes Renteln have assembled the works of a diverse interdisciplinary and international team of bioethics experts into a comprehensive, innovative, and accessible resource. <br><br>Following a consideration of theoretical frameworks that inform a global bioethics, units on human rights, life and death, and public health form an in-depth look at contemporary issues in the field. Each unit includes cutting edge analyses and thought-provoking case studies, as well as discussion prompts. Topics range from torture and lethal injection to euthanasia, abortion, medical tourism, vulnerable human subjects, to health equity, vaccination programs, mental health, the ethics of surrogacy, and more.<br><br>The second edition includes new essays on<br>• bioethics and environmental ethics<br>• medical tourism<br>• torture and solitary confinement<br>• institutional review boards<br>• pediatric genomics<br>• the abortion debate<br>• the ethics of surrogacy<br>• issues in global health ethics<br>• revirgination surgery<br>• global mental health<br>• feminist perspectives on global aging<br>• ethical considerations for vaccination programs</span>
<p><a></a><span>The ethical issues we face in healthcare, justice, and human rights are global and cross-cultural in scope. The second edition of this interdisciplinary and international collection features new essays on the environment, medical tourism, mental health, vaccines, and other contemporary concerns. </span></p>
<span>PART ONE: Theoretical Perspectives<br></span>
<span>1.. Bernard Gert, “A Global Ethical Framework for Bioethics” <br>2. Tom L. Beauchamp, “The Compatibility of Universal Morality and Multiculturalism” <br>3. Robert Baker, “Response to Gert and Beauchamp” <br>4. Ilhan Ilkilic, “Culture and Ethical Aspects of Truth-Telling in a Value Pluralistic Society”<br>5. Peter Tagore Tan, ”Bioethics as Environmental Ethics: Ontogeny Recapitulates Environment”<br>6. Søren Holm, ”Lost in Translation: Can We have a Global Bioethics Without a Global Moral Language?” <br>Discussion Topics<br></span>
<span><br>PART TWO: Human Rights<br></span>
<span>1. Robert Baker, “Bioethics and Human Rights: A Historical Perspective” <br>2. Wanda Teays, “Boundaries of Torture”<br>3. Akiko Ito, “Bioethics and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”<br>4. Virginia L. Warren, "Medical Tourism: Justice, Autonomy and Power"<br>5. Alison Dundes Renteln, “Impact and Influence of the Institutional Review Board: Protecting the Rights of Human Subjects in Scientific Experiments”<br>6. Peter F. Omonzejele, “Understanding The Concept Of Vulnerability From A Western Africa Perspective”<br>7. Marlene Brant Castellano, “Ethics of Aboriginal Research” <br>Discussion Topics <br><br></span>
<span>PART THREE: Life and Death<br></span>
<span>1. Maya Sabatello, “Pediatrics Genomics: Current Dilemmas and a Messy Future”<br>2. Michael Boylan, “The Abortion Debate in the 21</span>
<span> Century”<br>3. Sharmin Islam, Rusli Bin Nordin, Ab Rani Bin Shamsuddin, Hanapi Bin Mohd Nor, and Abu Kholdun Al-Mahmood, “Ethics of Surrogacy: A Comparative Study of Western Secular and Islamic Bioethics.”<br>4. Carlos Verdugo Serna, “Euthanasia Could be a Medical Duty"<br>5. Scott Stonington and Pinit Ratanakul, “Is There a Global Bioethics? End of Life in Thailand and the Case for Local Difference”<br>6. Cecilia Wee, “Confucianism and Killing vs. Letting Die”<br>7. Cher Weixia Chen, “Global v. Local: The Use of Lethal Injection in China”<br>Discussion Topics<br><br></span>
<span>PART FOUR: Public Health<br></span>
<span>1. Udo Schüklenk, ”Issues in Global Health Ethics”<br>2. Zenon Culverhouse, “A Bioethics for Global Mental Health”<br>3. Rosemarie Tong, “Long-Term Care for Elderly People Globally: A Feminist Perspective”<br>4. Alison Dundes Renteln, “The Human Rights Dimensions of Virginity Restoration Surgery”<br>5. Rita Manning, “Immigration Detention and the Right to Health Care” <br>6. Wanda Teays, “Solitary Confinement”<br>7. Keymanthri Moodley,</span>
<span><sup> </sup></span>
<span>Kate Hardie,</span>
<span><sup> </sup></span>
<span>Michael J. Selgelid,</span>
<span><sup> </sup></span>
<span>Ronald J. Waldman, Peter Strebel,</span>
<span><sup> </sup></span>
<span>Helen Rees and David N. Durrheim, “Ethical Considerations for Vaccination Programmes In Acute Humanitarian Crises”<br>Discussion Topics<br><br></span>
<span>1. Alison Dundes Renteln, “Essay Questions”<br>2. Wanda Teays, “Case Analysis Topics”<br>3. Bioethics in Film <br><br><br></span>
<span>Combine authors from a </span>
<span>Who’s Who</span>
<span> list in ethics with global issues that interest us all and you achieve this book. Well done!</span>
<span>Wanda Teays </span>
<span>is a professor of philosophy at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles<br><br></span>
<span>Alison Dundes Renteln </span>
<span>is a professor of political science at the University of Southern California.</span>

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