Health Care Reform Act

Health Care Reform Act

Critical Tax and Insurance Ramifications
AICPA 1. Aufl.

von: Janemarie Mulvey

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The Health Care Reform Act continues to be phased this year and in future years. This book will help accountants and financial advisors better understand the impact of the Act so they can describe to their clients how health care and paying for coverage will change in the future. In addition, they will discover how to use this information for tax planning opportunities. This book will help Recall key points related to tax ramifications associated with implementation of the Act. Identify penalties that apply to individuals and businesses. Recall tax changes that recently went into effect. Recall how to assist clients with tax planning under the Health Care Reform Act
Chapter 1  1-1 Individual Shared Responsibility Payments and Premium Tax Credits for Individuals 1-1 Individual Shared-Responsibility Payments 1-2 Premium Tax Credits for Individuals 1-11 Chapter 2  2-1 Employer Shared-Responsibility Payments 2-1 Effective Dates of Employer Shared-Responsibility Payments 2-3 The ACA Employer Shared-Responsibility Formula 2-4 Interaction between Medicaid Expansions and Potential Employer Penalties  2-22 Current Status of State Medicaid Expansion Decisions  2-23 Chapter 3  3-1 IRS Employer and Insurer Reporting Requirements  3-1 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: An Overview 3-2 ACA Requirements for IRS Information Reports and other Employee Notifications 3-3 Chapter 4  4-1 Small Business Tax Credit, SHOP Exchange, and Other ACA Tax Changes Impacting Individuals  4-1 Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit  4-2 The Small Business Health Options Program (Shop) Exchange 4-10 Other ACA Tax Changes Impacting Individuals  4-14 Glossary  Glossary 1 Index 1 Solutions  Solutions 1 Chapter 1 Solutions 1 Chapter 2 Solutions 2 Chapter 3 Solutions 3 Chapter 4 Solutions 4
Janemarie Mulvey, Ph.D., is an economist and award-winning author with more than 25 years of experience in the analysis of health and long-term care financing, taxation, and retirement security issues. As a senior health economist at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) during enactment and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Dr. Mulvey advised members of Congress and their staffs on key issues of the law and the nuances and complexities relating to implementation issues. As the Small Business Administration's chief economist within the Office of Advocacy and earlier as deputy director of the Research Center at Towers Watson, Dr. Mulvey gained extensive experience in the analysis of public policies affecting both large and small employers.

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