Instant Networking

Instant Networking

The Simple Way to Build Your Business Network and See Results in Just 6 Months
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von: Stefan Thomas

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Verlag: Capstone
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Veröffentl.: 26.04.2016
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A fresh take on the vital business skill of networking Networking is something that many of us dread and try to avoid at all costs. But no longer the sole remit of sales people, it has become a vital business skill for us all. Expected to negotiate effectively through our careers, social lives and online presence, networking 24/7 has become a real challenge. Many experts believe that you need to be super confident or a brilliant presenter in order to network to the best of your ability but networking has changed. Let Stefan Thomas show you how to take a fresh look at Networking 2.0 and teach you how networking is no longer just something we do with other people and it's no longer an activity, it's a new way of thinking and acting. Instant Networking will show you how to build networking into all that you do, whether you're self-employed, fresh out of education and ready to take on the world or just ready to make your presence known. Learn how to: Combine networking, social media, marketing, and sales skills to give a full picture of how to network effectively Explore how to establish your personal brand Build networking into your existing day-to-day activities Deal with the key challenges people face at networking events
1 Why “instant” networking? 1 2 Putting together your networking toolkit 13 3 Thinking differently about networking 33 4 Finding the right networking events 51 5 Making networking events work for you 63 6 Following up 83 7 How to instantly win on social media 99 8 Standing out on LinkedIn 123 9 Joining it all up 133 Further Reading 145 About the Author 147 Acknowledgements 149
With 20 years previous experience as an estate agent (realtor) under his belt, Stefan Thomas (UK), ditched his red braces and followed his passion for people.From being a nervous networker himself, Stefan went on to become the Network Director for 4Networking Limited, the UK’s fastest growing joined up network organization. He was personally responsible for the 5000 networking events they run every year and helped 4Networking grow into the organization they are today, with a culture of education and personal development for all of their members.Now a speaker, author and consultant ( specializes in helping people find a way to make business networking work for them and is passionate about helping people network effectively and create big opportunities from small conversations.Stefan is the author of Business Networking For Dummies. (Apr 2014).
"Simple and actionable, nobody understands the art of networking better than Stefan." Gary Turner, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Xero GROW YOUR NETWORK INSTANTLY Networking is something that some people seem to manage effortlessly, whilst others dread and try to avoid it at all costs. But if it's done right, it speeds up the process by which people get to know, like and trust you. In turn, you will build your network in a way that will create opportunities which might not otherwise be found. BUILD NETWORKING INTO EVERYTHING YOU DO Instant Networking is for anyone who wants to speed up the process and turn conversations into sales. Networking expert Stefan Thomas shows you how to make instant improvements, by making subtle changes to what you do in your day-to-day activity. You will learn how to: Make networking second nature in your everyday activities Make the most of any networking opportunities that arise Find the right networking events and how to make them work for you Make instant wins on social media and stand out on LinkedIn Overcome the most common challenges people face when networking If you put yourself out there, connect, engage and promote relentlessly, then you will be miles ahead of your competition, and you will instantly see your network develop, profitably. "Business networking is so much more than breakfast meetings and business cards, Stefan provides solid advice and teachings for business people on how to grow their network in the best way." —Chris Marr, Content Marketing Academy