Investigating and Managing Common Cardiovascular Conditions

Investigating and Managing Common Cardiovascular Conditions

von: Juan Carlos Kaski, Michael Papadakis, Hariharan Raju

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Verlag: Springer
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Veröffentl.: 19.08.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9781447166962
Sprache: englisch

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The aim of the book is to serve as a practical guide for junior doctors, primary care physicians and cardiology trainees. This book is a quick reference in everyday clinical practice and also as reminder of the necessary clinical steps for diagnosis, referral and management. Cardiovascular conditions have been described that clinicians are likely to encounter on a regular basis in their practice. Chapters have been written by trainees under the supervision of a senior author with expertise in that particular area, thus addressing most everyday practical diagnostic and management issues and the potential questions that a non-specialist or junior doctor may have. The handbook is practical in nature and its chapters incorporate practical subheadings such as “Must do’s” and “Red flags”, placing the emphasis on therapeutics and pharmacological treatment. The inclusion of flowcharts, diagrams and images are a feature allowing easy understanding of key learning objectives.
Angina.- Heart Failure.- Atrial Fibrillation.- Syncope and sudden
death.- Systemic Hypertension.- Pulmonary Hypertension.?
Juan Carlos Kaski, St George's, University of London, UK
This book focuses on cardiovascular conditions that clinicians are likely to encounter more frequently in their practice and which pose major diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. It addresses some of the most commonly asked questions in relation to the diagnosis, differential diagnoses and management of the cardiovascular conditions presented.With an emphasis on the pharmacological treatment of the conditions mentioned, all of the information contained in the chapters is evidence-based, with flowcharts, diagrams and images included to facilitate the reading of the book. Investigating and Managing Common Cardiovascular Conditions serves as a practical guide for General Practitioners, cardiology trainees, nurses with an interest in cardiology, and junior physicians who face the challenge of assisting people affected by cardiovascular conditions. 
Places cardiology conditions into contextEmphasizes key learning objectives for trainees in cardiology and internal medicine Describes how to assess, manage and monitor a patient, plus discusses how to communicate with the patient Reviews the “Must do’s”, the key indications and contraindications, and essential clinical pearls

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