Morality and Justice

Morality and Justice

Reading Boylan's 'A Just Society'

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This book is a collection of twelve essays devoted to Michael Boylan's important work in moral philosophy,A Just Society. The collection is thematically organized to mirror Boylan's own volume, so the first half explores fundamental issues of justification in ethics while the second half focuses on issues involving ethical discourse, social justice, and the moral foundations of public policy. In their critical and engaging essays, the authors challenge many of the original and controversial arguments developed and defended by Boylan in his book, and Boylan responds in a lengthy and philosophically rich reply. The book will appeal both to philosophers working on the cutting edge of moral and political theory and to public policy practitioners working to make society more just.
The essays in this book engage the original and controversial claims from Michael Boylan's A Just Society. Each essay discusses Boylan's claims from a particular chapter and offers a critical analysis of these claims. Boylan responds to the essays in his lengthy and philosophically rich reply.
Chapter 1 Introduction
<br>Chapter 2 Becoming Moral Agents: On the Personal Worldview Imperative
<br>Chapter 3 A Feminist Personal Worldview Imperative
<br>Chapter 4 Justification in Ethics: Desiring to Be Good and Ethical Commendation
<br>Chapter 5 Justification in Ethics
<br>Chapter 6 On the Possibility of a Hierarchy of Moral Goods
<br>Chapter 7 Michael Boylan on Religion and Ethics: An Appreciative Theological Assessment
<br>Chapter 8 Extinguishing Desire: Not a Simple Plan at All
<br>Chapter 9 Diversity and the Common Body of Knowledge
<br>Chapter 10 On Justice
<br>Chapter 11 Justice in "A Just Society"
<br>Chapter 12 Public Policy: Moving Toward Moral Cosmopolitanism
<br>Chapter 13 Establishing Global Health Obligations Amid Ethical Diversity: A Commentary on Boylan's "A Just Society"
<br>Chapter 14 Ethics, Metaethics, Political Theory, and Policy: A Reply to My Colleagues
<br>Part 15 Definitions
John-Stewart Gordon teaches philosophy at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.

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