Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricoeur

Honoring and Continuing the Work

von: Farhang Erfani, Domenico Jervolino, Morny Joy, Jason Springs, Henry Venema, John Wall, John Whitmire, Lorenzo Altieri, Pamela Anderson, Patrick Bourgeois, Fred Dallmayr, Gregory Hoskins, David Kaplan, Richard Kearney, Peter Kemp

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<span><span><span>This collection of essays is dedicated to the prolific career of Paul Ricoeur. In his lifetime, Ricoeur made significant contributions to many fields, such as theology, aesthetics, narratology, linguistics, and of course, philosophy. Within philosophy alone, he engaged many currents of thoughts, always providing careful and faithful analyses of philosophers while adding his own unique perspectives. Many essays in this anthology revisit Ricoeur’s own works, carefully placing him in his philosophical context, while providing new interpretations of questions that mattered to Ricoeur, such as imagination, forgiveness, justice, and memory. Other essays, honoring Ricoeur’s own approach, bring him to dialogue with new questions, such as globalization, technology, and national memorials.</span></span></span>
<span><span><span>This collection of essays is dedicated to the prolific career of Paul Ricœur. Honoring his work, this anthology addresses questions and concerns that defined Ricœur’s.</span></span></span>
<span><span><span>Introduction</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 1: Owl of Minerva Takes Flight: Obituary for Paul Ricoeur</span></span><br><span><span>Richard Kearney</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 2: Love and Justice: A Memorial Tribute to Paul Ricoeur</span></span><br><span><span>Fred Dallmayr</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 3: Paul Ricoeur and the Philosophy of Technology</span></span><br><span><span>David M: Kaplan</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 4: Twice Difficult Forgiveness</span></span><br><span><span>Henry Venema</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 5: Ricoeur, Poetics, and Religious Ethics</span></span><br><span><span>John Wall</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 6: A New Fragility: Ricoeur in the Age of Globalization</span></span><br><span><span>Farhang Erfani</span><span> and </span><span>John F: Whitmire, Jr</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 7: Remembering the Battle of Gettysburg: Paul Ricoeur and the Politics of Memory</span></span><br><span><span>Gregory Hoskins</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 8: A Feminist on Forgiveness: When (Where?) Love and Justice Come Apart</span></span><br><span><span>Pamela Sue Anderson</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 9: Hope, Imagination, and Reflective Judgment: Paul Ricoeur and Immanuel Kant</span></span><br><span><span>Patrick Bourgeois</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 10: Oneself with Another: Following the Thread of Paul Ricoeur’s The Course of Recognition</span></span><br><span><span>Lorenzo Altieri</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 11: In Search of a Poetics of the Will</span></span><br><span><span>Domenico Jervolino</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 12: Paul Ricoeur and the Duty to Remember</span></span><br><span><span>Morny Joy</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 13: Figuring the Sacred: Ricoeur on Biblical History</span></span><br><span><span>Jason Springs</span></span><br><span><span>Chapter 14: Foundation of Ethics Considered through the Ethics in the Century of Ricoeur</span></span><br><span><span>Peter Kemp</span></span><br><span><span>Selected Bibliography</span></span><br><span><span>Contributor Bios</span></span></span>
<span><span><span>Farhang Erfani</span><span> is assistant professor of philosophy at American University and research associate at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.</span></span></span>

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