Phenomenology of Life - From the Animal Soul to the Human Mind

Phenomenology of Life - From the Animal Soul to the Human Mind

Book II. The Human Soul in the Creative Transformation of the Mind
Analecta Husserliana, Band 94

von: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

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The challenge presented by the recent tendencies to &quote;naturalize&quote; phenomenology, on the basis of the progress in biological and neurological sciences, calls for an investigation of the traditional mind-body problem. The progress in phenomenological investigation is up to answering that challenge by placing the issues at stake upon a novel platform, that is the ontopoiesis of life.The present collection of studies extends our investigation (see Analecta Husserliana vol. 93) by seeking the ontopoietic continuity of sense between the vitally and spiritually significant functions of life.From the multiple approaches stretching through &quote;The Animal, the Human, and the Divine&quote; (Ales Bello), there come to the fore the intellective, aesthetic, moral fruits of the creative human mind: &quote;The In-Depth Body and the Coming About of Ego&quote; (De Preester), &quote;Consciousness in the Perspective of Evolution&quote; (Fiut), &quote;Science and the Human Phenomenon&quote; (Zonneveld), &quote;Specifically Human Empathy&quote; (Adri Smalling), and others. The emphasis falls upon &quote;The Living Soul&quote; (Shkubulyani) as the common origin of life's sense giving functions, which in their ontopoietic unfolding become informed by the simultaneously originating human creative mind, crowned in its advance by the sacral &quote;Spiritual Emergence&quote; (Louchakova).Papers by: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, Daniel J. Martino, Angela Ales Bello, Stella Zita de Azevedo, Brian Grassom, Olga Louchakova, Marcio Luis Fernandes, Olena Shkubulyani, Amy Louise Miller, Leo Zonneveld, Ignacy S. Fiut, Dmitri Ginev, Ayhan Sol, Anatoly Zotov, Salahaddin Khalilov, Helena de Preester, Alexsander Kouzmin, David Grnberg, Maerk B. Majorek, Roberto Verolini, Adri Smalling, Halil Turan, Ella Buceniece, Maria Mercede Ligozzi, Oliver W. Holmes, Velga Vevere, Natalia Smirnova, Cezary Olbromski, Ellen J. Burns, Semiha Akinci, Wieslaw Kurpiewski, Erkut Sezgin, Piotr Mrz, Maciej Kaluza, Joanna Handerek.

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