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First published by Rider in 1998

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Soon after publication, this book helped someone facing heartbreak, making it easier to cope with the unexpected loss of her baby. It is extremely rewarding for an author to hear how their work can help in times of need, and I am grateful to the lady concerned for sharing her story.

The Little Book of Happiness has proven an enduringly popular read. Some people have said they take from it a daily meditation. Others prefer dipping in and out. The recommended approach, though, involves going through it page by page, allowing themes to develop and reinforce one another, like ocean waves building and cascading onto a welcoming beach.

Simply let the ideas wash repeatedly over you, in a process as joyful and refreshing as a dip in cool waters on a hot day. Maybe they will help you too.

Larry Culliford (Patrick Whiteside)


Everyone wants to be happy …

Think about that.


Be confident!

Using this book, you are

going to teach yourself


Now … Take a full breath!

If you are going to teach yourself

something, it is best not to be

in a hurry. Be patient …