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From Detective Story Magazine, January 15, 1918


AN INTIMATE STUDY OF SHERLOCK HOLMES was originally published in Detective Story Magazine, January 15, 1918.


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Table of Contents

An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes


An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes

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    At the request of the editor, I have spent some days in looking over an old letter box in which, from time to time, I have placed letters referring directly or indirectly to the notorious Mr. Holmes. I wish now that I had been more careful in preserving the references to this gentleman and his little problems. A great many have been lost or mislaid. His biographer has been fortunate enough to find readers in many lands, and the reading has elicited the same sort of response, though in many cases that response has been in a tongue difficult to comprehend. Very often my distant correspondent could neither spell my own name or that of my imaginary hero, as in a recent instance which I here append.



    Many such letters have been from Russians. Where the Russian letters have been in the vernacular, I have been compelled, I am afraid, to take them as read; but when they had been in English, they have been among the most curious in my collection.