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FIVE REASONS Why Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids! 

Different Types of Adult Coloring Sheets: Discover Your Coloring Style 

Small Business Owners: Increase Your Creativity and Productivity Through Coloring! 

Coloring To Relieve Stress 

Adult Coloring Pages: How To Get Started 

Free Adult Coloring Books 










































FIVE REASONS Why Coloring Isn’t Just For Kids!


Adult coloring books are catching on fast and if you’ve seen the designs that have come onto the market recently, you’ll understand why coloring isn’t just for kids anymore!  It’s a wonderful pastime for people of all ages from toddlers who are just learning how to hold a crayon to seniors who are looking for a new hobby.  Here are my five reasons why the whole family should get out their crayons and markers!



Stress Relief