Debbie Lacy

The Inn Is Not Near

To my family, friends, readers and fans, thanks so much for your support and I hope you find this little short story entertaining. May God Bless!

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We had been driving for hours on the open highway and I was pretty tired.  It seemed we were never going to see the lights or a scenic view of a town or city anytime soon but only witnessed the headlights from oncoming cars that past us.  I glanced over at my husband as he was quite determined to get to our destination, he was droopy-eyed trying to fight the enticement of sleep before it consumed him when I asked, “Honey, how much further to the next town?  I mean we've been driving for a good four hours now and we haven't seen anything but barns and a few farmhouses!  Do you know where we are?”


“We should be coming upon a town pretty soon sweetheart.  Don't worry!”


“Oh boy, I bet we're lost because I don't remember traveling this far going to the wedding and it's strange there isn't a gas station around to stop and ask for directions!”  I thought.