The Hidden Power

The Hidden Power

Understand Your Spiritual Path by Observing the Universal Spiritual Principles

von: Thomas Troward

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There is a very general recognition, which is growing and becoming more widespread, that there is a sort of hidden power somewhere which lays within our ability. However, to fully realize how much of our present daily life consists in symbols means to find the answer to the ancient question, "What is Truth?" This book will lead you towards the Truth by placing a strong emphasis on concrete material changes in the circumstances of life. Get in touch with your hidden power and change your life now!
The Hidden Power
The Perversion of Truth
The "I Am"
Affirmative Power
The Principle of Guidance
Desire as the Motive Power
Touching Lightly
Present Truth
Religious Opinions
A Lesson from Browning
The Spirit of Opulence
Separation and Unity
Entering into the Spirit of It
The Bible and the New Thought
Jachin and Boaz
Mind and Hand
The Central Control
What is Higher Thought
The Law and the Word
The Creative Process in the Individual
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
The Dore Lectures on Mental Science
Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning
Thomas Troward was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity.

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