Welcome to the Jilted Generation

Welcome to the Jilted Generation

von: Shiv Malik

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Verlag: Icon Books
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Veröffentl.: 19.09.2013
ISBN/EAN: 9781848317079
Sprache: englisch
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This the 44-page Preface to the 2013 edition of Ed Howker and Shiv Malik's Jilted Generation: How Britain Bankrupted Its Youth. In 2010, 'Jilted Generation: How Britain Bankrupted It's Youth' revealed the plight of Britain's youngest adults for the first time while a new coalition government set out to solve them. The Tories said they would "fulfil a solemn promise to the next generation". The Liberal Democrats said they were "absolutely determined that we will be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eye and say we did the best we could for them". So how has that been working out? In this trailblazing new analysis, the authors of Jilted Generation reveal the canyon between Britain's next generation and the politicians claiming to help them. In unemployment and homelessness rates, through the riots, student protests and workfare battles, a picture emerges of a generation in crisis, a government in stasis and an unprecedented opportunity to solve both problems. Published here as an eBook Short, as well as in the fully updated new edition of Jilted Generation, this essay offers an insight into the issues - a clear and hard-hitting view of the situation in 2013 for Britain's young adults.

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